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80 – 84 Tycos Drive Church

In response to ongoing concerns I have heard from Glencairn residents regarding impacts such as privacy, noise and lighting resulting from construction of a church at 80-84 Tycos Drive, I am writing to update you on actions taken by my office to date.

  • A two foot lattice fence extension was added to the existing property line fence and 8-10 foot
  • tall Norway spruce trees were planted behind the church in response to concerns about light from vehicles disrupting residents on Glencairn.
  • A request to investigate noise from early morning garbage pick-up and services inside the church was sent to Municipal Licensing and Standards. A request was also sent to the church to have garbage picked up at a later time.
  • Landscaping plans that will include privacy elements such as trees to mitigate impact to neighbouring properties has been completed and finalized by City Planning Staff.
  • Toronto Police Services was sent to the property to investigate issues of safety that could result from a fence being installed behind the church.
  • Multiple requests have been sent to both the church and to City Planning Staff to resolve outstanding issues with parking on the site and to complete privacy landscaping.

Currently, the church has applied to the Committee of Adjustment for a parking variance where the church did not build according to the plans that were approved by the City to put parking underground. Instead, above ground parking was built without the required approvals. This issue is still being resolved through the City's planning process.

Many of you have expressed a desire for the construction of a fence behind the church to address privacy issues. While the church is not legally required to do so, I continue to push for construction of a privacy fence in the rear of the property to mitigate impact to neighbouring residents on Glencairn.

I want to thank everyone who has contacted my office on this matter. I will continue to push the church to make landscaping changes so that Glencairn residents can enjoy their homes and privacy. If you have any questions regarding this, or any other City related matter, please contact my office at 416-392-4027.

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