Dufferin Street Avenue Study


Recently, a number of landowners (including the applicants for 3140-3170 Dufferin St. & 60-68 Apex Rd) appealed Council's approval of the Dufferin Street Avenue Study to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Some of these appellants believe they should be entitled to greater densities and heights than what the Study recommends.

A pre-hearing will be held at 10:00am on Wednesday, October 19th at the Ontario Municipal Board 655 Bay Street, 16th Floor. Details can be found at: http://elto.gov.on.ca/omb/e-status/ I have strongly suggested that all the residents groups in the area, including the Yorkdale West Ratepayers' Association, the Wenderly Park Community Association, and the Dufferin-Eglinton Community Residents Association send a representative to this pre-hearing to identify their group as a participant.

Keep in mind that this is not the actual OMB Hearing, however anyone who would like to attend the hearing itself must attend the pre-hearing or have someone attend on their behalf. The hearing itself will likely take place sometime late next year and we will provide support and assistance in the months ahead. The purpose of this pre-hearing is mainly determine the date of the hearing itself and to identify parties and participants who would like to attend the hearing itself. On the distinction between a "Party" and a "Participant" at the OMB:

· Parties - these persons have the right to participate throughout by presenting evidence, questioning witnesses, and making final arguments. In order for the Board to determine your status for the hearing, you or your representative should attend the prehearing conference and ask to be added as a party. Groups, whether incorporated or not, who wish to become parties should name a representative. Parties do not need to be represented by lawyers or agents.

· Participants - persons who do not wish to participate throughout the hearing may attend the hearing and make a statement to the Board. Such persons should also attend the prehearing conference.

Anyone who would like to appear at the hearing next year on the Dufferin Plan and/or 3140 Dufferin St, must attend the pre-hearing, have someone attend on their behalf, or notify Sandra Chan, OMB Case Coordinator, (416) 326-6776 to make alternative arrangements.

Last year the Dufferin St Avenue Study that so many of you worked on over the years was approved unanimously by City Council. This is an important official City plan for the Dufferin corridor, which will guide policies along Dufferin between Lawrence Ave and the 401 with respect to future growth, development, and transportation. This plan was created to establish guidelines following the precedent that was set with Treviso on the north-east corner of Dufferin and Lawrence. We need to work together to stand up and defend our community and the fundamentals of this plan to transform the Dufferin corridor into an even more livable, walkable and mixed-use community.

The City's Planning Department maintains a website about the Dufferin Study which contains all documents and copies of the study itself. Copies of the documents under appeal at the OMB can be found in the "What's New" section.

This application for the development at 3140-3170 Dufferin St. & 60-68 Apex Rd. was refused by City Council earlier this year. The refusal report itself can be found here

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