3140-3170 Dufferin Street

An application was submitted to City Planning to amend the Official Plan to permit two mixed use buildings of 28 and 22 storeys. A total of 578 residential units, 878 parking spaces and 1135 bicycle parking spaces are proposed as well as a new public park and new public roads.

City Planning has reviewed this application and considered all the comments made by residents who attended the Community Meeting and sent emails. They will be bringing a Refusal Report (available here: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2016.NY14.29) to the May meeting of North York Community Council. City Planning are recommending that City Council refuse the application to amend the Official Plan at 3140-3170 Dufferin Street for the following reasons:

a. the proposal does not conform to the City's Official Plan;

b. the proposal does not implement the City's recently-completed Dufferin Street Secondary Plan; and

c. the proposal is inappropriate and does not represent good planning.

Further, Planning Staff are recommending that should the application be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, the City Solicitor and appropriate City staff be authorized to appear before the Ontario Municipal Board in support of Council's refusal of the Official Plan amendment.

Since the day this application was made, Planning Staff have raised serious concerns about the height, massing, and density of this proposal, including whether tall buildings are appropriate on this site. This, and any other future proposal for redevelopment on Dufferin will and should be considered against the Official Plan, and the Dufferin Study that was developed over several years with significant community consultation.

If you were not able to attend the public meeting on February 22 at Dante Alighieri School, and have questions please feel free to contact my office or the City Planner on this file Guy Matthew, gmatthe2@toronto.ca 

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